Adults ages 19 years and older can enroll in Piano lessons on Saturdays. Adult students may  sign up to use our four practice rooms to practice in private, soundproof booths.


For more information, please call us at 504-940-3400 or email us at emcm@ellismarsaliscenter.org.

Community Center

The Ellis Marsalis Center for Music serves as a community center for residents of Musicians’ Village.  The Center is available to residents for community meetings, cultural forums, family gatherings and celebrations.  The Center also provides a space for musician residents to practice and rehearse.

The Ellis Marsalis Cener Recording Studio (The Studio)

The Center offers to residents of the Musicians' Village and other low income New Orleans musicians whose work has seldom been documented on recordings a place to record their work. Utilizing the Performance Hall with its variable acoustics as the primary live room, the Studio is configurable for solo acts, small groups, and orchestras. Musicians can record either live shows with an audience or conventional private studio sessions.

The Studio and Performance Hall feature perfect acoustics to suit any musical style, and are optimized for New Orleans-style music: brass bands, jazz ensembles, and funk. The Center's state-of-the-art audio and video recording facilities are available for use on a sliding scale by Village residents and other members of the New Orleans music community.

Performance Space

Our goal is to provide to Village residents and other New Orleans artists a performance venue, thus availing Village residents with quality concerts, plays and movies virtually at their door step. Performers in our state-of-the-art, 170-person capacity concert venue also include national and international performers in all genres including theatre, dance and music.