The Story of the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music

Student performances

Person in red dress taking a bow in front of piano.
Person playing piano.
Student sitting at piano and adult speaking to crowd.
Child in suit sitting at a table.
Three children dancing on stage.
Children playing a variety of instruments on stage.

Concert series

Person singing on stage.
Audience members at a concert clapping.
Person in suit on stage playing saxophone.
Person singing on stage.
Person with red glasses singing on stage.
Two audience members watching concert.
Audience members watching concert.
Audience members watching concert.
Audience member with hat and orange glasses at concert.
Audience member clapping at concert.
Person with red glasses singing on stage.
Audience members clapping at concert.

emcm life

Student with adult working on homework together.
Child with a trumpet smiling.
Child playing instrument.
Child holding instrument case and smiling.
Child playing guitar.
Instructor smiling in classroom.
Student playing violin.
Child playing guitar.
Child playing instrument.
Child playing trumpet in front of instructor.
Child playing trumpet.
Person in front of sound board speaking.
Child sitting at drumset.
Child smiling at the camera.
Child smiling at a desk.
Child sitting on the floor with a light smile.
Child in a suit sitting at a table.
Two children sitting at Mac computers.
Musicians' Village resident in red hat and blue jean jacket.
Musicians' Village resident talking to someone off camera.
Musicians' Village resident smiling at the camera.
Musicians' Village resident smiling.
Two students on EMCM campus.
A group of students practicing their instruments.
Ellis Marsalis Center instrument case.
Three children smiling on EMCM campus.
Student holding blue folder.
Students walking on EMCM campus.
Two students walking on EMCM campus.
Student looking at the camera and sitting at a table.

Studio and stage

Performance hall stage.
Performance hall stage.
Audio engineer sitting at sound board.
Studio equipment.
Studio equipment.
Performance hall stage.